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Suzanne Graham On Femi – FEI Prix St. Georges 2015

Suzanne Graham
On Femi – FEI Prix St. Georges 2015

This section of the Dressage on the First Coast website is a new blog format that is to be used for photographs. As your webmaster (Teri Rehkopf), I have taken a whole lot of photos over the years, but there are way too many to go through to put online. I’m really having a tough time trying to get the number down to a manageable amount since I end up taking hundreds of pictures when I come to shows.

So, this is a work in progress just to get some pictures online as I end up with too many that I like and we can only have so many in a post so that it is optimized.  Also know that the lighting in the indoor arena at the JEC is a challenge to work with so the images tend to be somewhat blurry, but this is where the bigger classes are, hence I take more pictures in there.

If you want to send any of your own pictures to me at with details of the show, show date, and the name that you want for your gallery and I will put them online. Pictures don’t have to be of a specific ride, but can be candid photos of people/animals – anything about the show will be great.

Select the blog post links on the right for the images. I will categorize them by the show date, too, so you can select by category.



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